Catholic Priest

Thomas F. DeVita

Ordained: 1978

In 1998, Father DeVita publicly admitted to having had a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old, according to Newsday. The victim’s mother reportedly confronted DeVita in 1978, while DeVita was assigned to St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church in Kings Park. It was further reported that the mother also confronted the former Long Island Auxiliary Bishop about the abuse in 1984. DeVita allegedly underwent a psychiatric evaluation in 1993, but was allowed to continue ministry. DeVita is said to have gone to the Diocese of Venice in Florida in 1994 and was apparently assigned to St. Mary’s in New Buffalo on Lake Michigan at one point. It is believed that DeVita was transferred to Michigan after a complaint was made against him in Florida. It was reported that DeVita was dismissed by the Diocese of Palm Beach in 2002.