Catholic Priest

Joseph T. Mundy

Ordained: 1981

A 14-year-old altar boy disclosed to a religious educator during a religious retreat that Father Mundy had told him how lonely Mundy was, how difficult celibacy was, and how Mundy and the boy needed each other. The religious educator reportedly told Monsignor Alan Placa, a high-ranking Diocesan official, that she believed Mundy was grooming the boy for sex and asked Placa what he was going to do about it. She maintains that Placa said: “My job is to protect the bishop.” When she asked Placa whose job it was to protect the boy, she stated that Placa allegedly looked away from her and lit a cigarette. Mundy is alleged to have been identified as ‘Priest A’ in a Suffolk County Grand Jury report, which alleges that Priest A took a minor boy to a gay club and “begged” the boy for sex.