Catholic Priest

Enrique Diaz Jimenez

Ordained: 1977

Father Diaz was convicted in 1991 for sexual abuse at St. Leo’s Parish in Queens. As the New York Times reported, Bishop Thomas Daily praised Diaz’s work in the diocese amid a pending 60-count indictment against Diaz in Queens on child sex abuse charges. After pleading guilty to three counts of sexual abuse, Diaz was reportedly deported to Venezuela. Diaz allegedly abused more children, and was charged with molesting two teenage boys in Columbia.

Father Diaz Jimenez's Assignments

Arrives in the USBrooklyn, NY1983
St. Leo ParishCorona, NY1983..1986
Our Lady of SorrowsCorona, NY1983..1986
Arrested and Pled Guilty to 1st Degree Sexual Abuse1990
Deported to Venezuela1991
Returned to ColombiaBogota, Colombia1996